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  1. Anonima / preciso de ajuda, to com tarefa de ed. fisica e tem a seguinte pergunta:A ginastica de academia ou musculação são realizadas com o auxilio de maquinas.São exercícios de muÃacluçs£o:A- LançamentosB- Rosca alternada, Remada alta e SupinoC- Arremesso , Levantada e Chute

  2. SastryI am not saying we ate bound for revolution just using the first American revolution as an illustration of the differences in your point of views. Once again consider that this nation was founded by a minority who took action over tariffs. Why did they revolt over a few uncomfortable taxes.If we agree for the moment that most politicians are bought and paid for crooks then you can easily make the hypothetical argument that we ate right back to taxation without representation. As those who were elected to represent do not represent the electors but who ever pays the highest price.

    1. I need to follow this blog. I always read about european and american fashion and I never see and read about other countries fashion!It seems really ineestrting.. the use of color is exquisite!

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